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TNT Kush from Eva Seeds

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    TNT Kush

    TNT Kush by Eva Seeds is savage Indica power! 100% wow-factor garanteed. This strain produces elongated plants with very hard and dense buds with enormous amounts of trichomes. TNT Kush’s origin is the mountains of Pakistan and it is jam-packed with raw, overwhelming Indica power. Don’t say you haven’t been warned, ok? Even if you have a high tolerance, this weed can blow your mind, because its THC level is really high and induces a very sedating and relaxing effect, which makes it very suitable for medicinal use.  The taste and smell of the TNT Kush weed is extraordinary; the aroma is mainly walnut and cypress.

    It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing and reaches heights of 80-100cm indoors, respectively 2-3m outdoors; outdoors the yield per plant can be anything between 500g and 1kg. Indoors, the flowering period is 55-60 days long and one can expect a medium high yield, but with an outstanding quality.

    Eva Feminised TNT Kush Seeds Specs

    Indica: 100%
    THC: Very High
    Yield: Medium-high
    Indoor Flowering: 55-60 days
    Shape: Rather elongated plant, with very compact and hard buds.
    Effect: Very potent and relaxing. Ideal for night or medicinal use.
    Smell: Very special, to walnut and cypress, with cherry and ripe star fruit tones.
    Taste: Of mixture of smells, with added touches of bitter almond and chocolate.
    Nutritional Needs: Low. It functions with little fertilizer, it is sensitive to excess of nitrogen, though it adequately tolerates soils prepared with medium nutrients level.
    Indoor and outdoor Growing
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