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Hello Dear farmers, Very Dear growers!

Happy Growing days! Please find our NEW! marijuana seeds catalog. Entirely new website at your service!

All old accounts from the old site have been cancelled and deleted (so you don’t have to worry!)

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Dr. Green Store offers a wide range of cannabis seeds of highest qualities at affordable prices to cannabis enthusiasts around the world. Our strains are hand-picked by some of the top breeders from Europe, and UK. All the products are discreetly shipped to the door-step of our customers worldwide.

Our wide range of collection is offered to us from some of the best well-established cannabis seed suppliers from across the globe. As all the seeds come from some of the most reliable mother plants, our customers get what they want from their cannabis seed in terms of the desired yield as well as quality.

Whether it is for commercial selling process, medical reasons or recreational usage, our high quality cannabis seeds are always there to give you just what you want!

Rich Inventory

Irrespective of your preferred seed choice, the vast inventory of Dr Green Store is almost sure to offer you what you want, be it an Indica or Sativa dominant strain, indoor and outdoor seeds, feminized or regular cannabis seeds. You can also find a wide range of auto-flowering species for novice cultivators.

Our rich inventory almost guarantees that none of our customers get disappointed because of lack of choices.

We work hard to stay up to date in the world of seeds and our large collection of strains includes a whole range of feminized pot seeds, regular pot seeds, and auto flowering marijuana seeds from the most important marijuana seeds banks in the world.

Our large marijuana seeds online stock includes many cup winners and seeds from the popular Marijuana seeds banks: Advanced Seeds, Big Buddha Seeds, Buddha Seeds, Delicious Seeds, Genehtik, K.C.Brains Seeds, Medical Seeds, Ministry Seeds, Positronics, Pyramid Seeds, Ripper Seeds, Strain Hunters, T.H Seeds, Vulkania, White Label, Barney’s Farm, Nirvana Seeds, Sweet Seeds, Mandala Seeds, Resin Seeds, Paradise Seeds, Green House Seeds, Royal Queen Seeds, Sagarmatha Seeds, Grass-O-Matic Seeds, Soma Seeds, Sensi Seeds, Dinafem Seeds, Dutch Passion, Eva Seeds, Kannabia Seed.

Some of this year NEW! Strains are: Super OG Kush, Auto Amnesia Gold, New York City, American Pie, Purple Pinecone, Double Diesel Ryder, Blue Thunder, Auto Blue Cheese, Cookies Kush, Triple Cheese, Hammershark, Forest Dream, Frisian Duck, Auto Blackberry Kush, Sensi Skunk, Sensi Auto Skunk, …

High Quality Storage

We aim to sell our seed packs when they are still very fresh and for the same reason, all our cannabis seeds are stored professional in a sealed and well-refrigerated environment for ensuring the same high quality for longer durations.

We receive all best pot seeds fresh every day so that our marijuana seeds online stock turnover is very fast and according to our customer’s demand, so no seed is stored over a few weeks (most are sold out in a few days!). The stock is continuously renewing and rotating on site in a refrigerated room to ensure its quality is maintained.

All our packages are well inspected to ensure proper shape and color, and eliminating any sort of disappointment at the time of delivery.

Customer Support

Cannabis growing is a very lucrative business and that is why more and more newcomers wanting to enter the cannabis growing business every year. While the veteran or experienced growers always have enough knowledge and technologies of getting the best yields from their seeds, it is often the novices who are always looking out for support and more knowledge.

Our customer care department makes sure that our every single valuable customer gets up-to-date information and tips on growing different types of cannabis seeds.

We give tips on genetics, nutrition, lights, environments, and just about anything that our customers need.

FREE MARIJUANA SEEDS!: We also offer a feminized cannabis seeds (optional Marijuana seeds: Amnesia, AK-47, Jamaican Domina, BuBBLEGUM, Jack Herer, NEW YORK DIESEL in feminized seeds!!!! Critical +, White Widow, Northern Lights, or Cheese, available also in autoflowering according to your choice: Auto Bob Marley, Auto Jack Herer, Super Skunk Auto, Auto Black Domina, …) for each purchase! That means a free cannabis seed for all orders.

We keep on offering an autoflowering marijuana feminised seed Super Silver Haze or similar (depending on availability of stock: Auto Super Skunk, Auto Bubblegum or Auto Early Skunk) or 1 female seed (marijuana feminized seeds: WHITE WIDOW, CRITICAL + or CHEESE) for every order! Plus extra seeds for every 50 EUR of purchase! FREE SEEDS!

Payment Choices

Our customers can make their payments through BITCOIN, which is a new payment mode. For each payment made through BITCOIN, we offer 3 free cannabis seeds. In simple words, for every purchase you make through BITCON Dr Green Store will offer you 3 free seeds every single time without any limitations. And, of course you can choose to pay through international debit cards, credit cards, and other payment modes.

Contact us in case you need any assistance while placing your order on or need any form of support, don’t hesitate to shoot us an e-mail, or give us a call right away!

Thanking you for the confidence and loyalty, many of you have congratulate us for the professionalism and the good work done (we are a dynamic team dedicated to the marijuana cause!). We wish you with all our hearts Many Green Growing Days!

Check for new updated cannabis seeds prices.

Follow us on Twitter (Drgreenstore), Linkedin and Facebook for latest news and updates check our new Marijuana BLOG! Let’s keep in touch!

We are always working in making things better!! We will be adding NEW marijuana strains every week, so come back and check our marijuana seeds online store again and again!!!

In order to be better informed about new cannabis seeds varieties, we recommend you to visit our web page to check also for new updated cannabis seeds prices. There you will be able to buy cannabis seeds with an overwall 10% applied over the prices poster. Among other marijuana seeds varieties, you will find: AUTO MASS (Grass-O-Matic), THINK DIFFERENT (Dutch Passion), AUTO-BOMB (GreenHouse), SWEET SKUNK AUTO (Sweet Seeds), or SWEET CHEESE AUTO (Sweet Seeds).

For the buying of marijuana seeds through our web page, you have FREE DELIVERY for orders bigger than 150 EUR. You’ll also receive a free marijuana seeds gift together with your order: FREE AUTOFEM SEEDS that you could choose among an extended marijuana seeds catalogue: Amnesia, AK-47, Jamaican Domina, BuBBLEGUM, Jack Herer, NEW YORK DIESEL, Critical +, White Widow, Northern Lights, or Cheese, available also in autoflowering variety according to your choice: Auto Bob Marley, Auto Jack Herer, Super Skunk Auto, Auto Black Domina, …

Dr. Green Store is dedicated to all those who decided to go further in their spiritual growth, helping them to lighten their path toward the power of a cosmic wave of electric bliss.

Dr. Green Store offers a wide selection of natural psychedelic plants allowing you to buy them at the cheapest price of the market and to cultivate them in your indoor or outdoor garden.

YOU MUST BE 18 OR OLDER to order from us – NO EXCEPTIONS! – Unless labeled otherwise, nothing here is sold for human consumption.

Thank you so much for all your support.

Enjoy your harvest!

All the very best!

Paul Leblanc

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